Individual Attachments: Resource Catalogue (PDF)

This is a FREE* selection of case studies using individual attachments, at various stages and views which can include images of current work.

*Free to past and present clients and friends of Teeth Are Us

This catalogue gives an overview of existing images on the application of telescopic attachments as there is a dearth of material for practitioners and patients in the European market.

Possible Applications

  • The images and accompanying materials can be use for a variety of applications, for example:
  • Visual material for patient consultations
  • Images for your own practice website and flyers
  • Inspiration and resource for further planning or finding alternative treatments
  • Document resource
  • Waiting room visuals

Who Can Receive Images?

Current and future clients and friends of Teeth Are Us! The images are free to existing clients and friends.

Copyright and Licence

  • Teeth Are Us  retains full copyright
  • You receive a licence to use the images with the following conditions:
  • Original metadata is retained and must not be altered
  • Publication only with permission of Teeth Are Us
  • Images are attributed to “photo: Teeth Are Us”

A lot of further articles and case studies dealing with telescopes and dental techniques in common are avaible on 


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