No Clasps Please – Part 2 – Telescopic Crowns

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A high quality precision dental replacement can only fulfil its task if treated appropriately. The patient, therefore, can also contribute to ensure the success of such quality work by:

  • ensuring a commitment towards oral and dental hygiene
  • regular checking of the prosthesis for intactness, freedom from stresses and adaptation by the gingival surfaces
  • taking great care when removing and inserting the prosthesis
  • ensuring proper care and appropriate handling of the prosthesis after instruction by the practitioner
  • following a short ‘instruction manual’
  • given to the patient by the practitioner for care of the new custom made prosthesis.
Completed denture on 6 telescopes

Completed denture on three telescopes

By following these guidelines the patient should have many years of a care-free life with their telescope double crown dentures.

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