Diamonds Are a Boy’s best Friend

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Finished metall frame

Fig. 3: Finished metal frame centring was done afterwards.

A grip made of tray material for a better Handling in the Jewelers "Lab"

Fig. 4: A grip made of tray material for a better handling in the jewelers „Lab“

Finally, to help the jeweler secure the crown, a plastic stump was fitted. This provided a base to hold the piece firmly in place under the drill. The prepared crown was then sent to the jeweler so the stone could be set.

In the jeweler’s workshop

The jeweler drilled out the recess for the diamond with great care (i.e. without perforating the external wall of the crown). This was large enough for the diamond to fit completely into the hollow, yet still preserving a small border to seal the edges

The jeweler drilled out the recess

Fig. 5: The jeweler drilled out the recess


Adjusting the Diamond

Fig. 6: Adjusting the Diamond

Done, the fixed diamond After repeated adjustments, the stone was finally inserted into the crown for the last time. The diamond was held exactly in place by moulding the protruding edges around the rim (ductile metal). For the diamond to have a greater impact, a narrow ring of gold was to remain around the gemstone. “

Mounting the diamond and completion

fig Bonding with Rocatec

fig. 7: Bonding with Rocatec

Application of in:joy opaquer

Fig. 8: Application of in:joy opaquer

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