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Team Work and Technology

A Diamond in the Crown

Tk 1 Alternatives

Use of a Telescope Plier

The SAM 2 Articulator

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Dentists are often faced with situations where black or white, prosthesis or implant, is not the only option. This is a case study of a telescope implant treatment (Kennedy Class 1) in the upper jaw of a female patient…
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Video tools can enhance communication between dentist and dental technician, and deliver time and cost benefits to all parties.
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Master dental technician Ulrich Heker describes the unusual process of adding a diamond insert into a top front tooth crown.
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Patients in many European countries are increasingly conscious of the aesthetic potential, practicality and cost effectiveness of precision connecting elements, such as telescopic crowns and attachments. These methods are within the reach of many UK dental practitioners …
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A Telescope Plier is an indispensable Tool when handling dental Telescopes, Double Crowns…
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The SAM 2 articulator is one component of a come plete system for diagnosis, therapy. research and educatiom. In use for over 20 years, it has proven to be precise reliable and efficient for the everyday practice of dentistry. The outstanding stability, strength, ease of use and abrasion…
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Use of Calibrating Charts in the Surgery and Laboratory
Patients’ photographs can be a big help in communications between the surgery and the laboratory.
They simplify the design process and offer an overview of the entire situation. Correctly exposed photographs are vital.
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